Dyslexia Assessment

Dyslexia Assessment

NHS Fife Psychology service: Assessment for dyslexia in adulthood.
Clinical Psychologists in the Adult Mental Health Psychology service do not undertake assessments for dyslexia.  Instead, it is usually Psychologists working in Education who provide assessments for Dyslexia.  Although it is relatively easy to access an Educational Psychologist whilst at school or college, there tends to be a lack of services for diagnosing Dyslexia in adulthood. However, for people living in Fife, the following options that may be helpful:

1. For a definitive diagnosis of Dyslexia, you could arrange to see an Educational Psychologist privately and there would normally be a fee for such an assessment (ranging from £100 - £300). To arrange this, you could contact Dyslexia Action Scotland (www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk; Napiershall Centre, 39 Napiershall Street, Glasgow, G20 6EZ; telephone number 0141 334 4549) who offer assessment and intervention services. Dyslexia Scotland can provide information about assessments for adult and their website is Dyslexia ScotlandDyslexia Scotland - Empowering people with dyslexia to reach their full potential

2. You might wish to contact the local Adult Basic Education service. This is a free service and their organisation provides a general screening assessment for literacy difficulties including Dyslexia. They are able to indicate the likelihood of such a problem but cannot give a definitive diagnosis. They also provide follow-up intervention to help people to improve their literacy skills and compensate for literacy difficulties.

There is a central contact number and email address

Tel: 0800 783 5161
email: abe.esol@fife.gov.uk


3. There are also private organisations staffed by psychologists that do assessments for dyslexia and related problems.