Managing Physical Health Problems

The impact of physical health problems can go far beyond physical symptoms.  Being unwell can affect your mood, thoughts and what you do.  It can also influence how you feel about yourself and others and your relationships.  By understanding the psychological impact of physical health problems you can better manage health problems.  This can improve your quality of life.

The following areas can be challenging to understand and manage:

The Mind-Body Link
Receiving and Coping with a Diagnosis
Coping with Sudden Illness
Fear of Illness Returning
Preparing for a Hospital Appointment 
Living with a Condition From Birth
Sexual Difficulties
Coping with Long Term Physical Health Conditions (Coping with Long Term Physical Health Conditions  - large print version)


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be a very helpful way of managing the impact of poor physical health


We have some helpful videos on our YouTube channel: Physical health conditions - YouTube

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