Being kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself

Self-compassion means acting in a kind and understanding way to yourself.  

When teenagers are struggling with self-compassion they can be the opposite- self-critical

If you are very self-critical you might find yourself thinking or saying  very harsh things about yourself. Your might struggle to say anything kind to say about yourself, even though other around you might say kind things about you. If this sounds like you, developing self compassion is a skill that can be learnt and you need to be extra patient with yourself while you learn. 

Being a teenager in this ever-changing world can be really hard. 

Young people can find themselves feeling alone as they struggle to fit in, figure out their future or get along with family and friends. Having self-compassion means remembering that it's a hard time for everyone and this struggle is completely normal. It means that when you are going through a hard time, treat yourself as you would treat a friend.  

Here are some options you could say to yourself

  • ‘I’m doing the best I can.’
  • ‘I’m a good person.’
  • ‘We all make mistakes sometimes.’
  • ‘This is hard but I’m going to keep trying.’
  • ‘I can learn something from this.’

Try watching the video and completing the 'How would you treat a friend' exercise out in the self help section.

Self compassion exercise