When I feel angry

When I feel angry

It is natural to feel angry sometimes.  We might feel angry because of something that has happened to us. 

We might also act in angry ways because we are feeling anxious about something, like starting a new club or going to school.

Anger is a normal emotion, but sometimes it can cause us problems if we are acting out in ways that hurt other people’s feelings (e.g. by shouting or hitting).

Here are some top tips for managing when you are feeling angry:

  • Count to 10
  • Do some calm breathing (have a look at our ‘managing worries’ section)
  • Go to a calm place in your head (have a look at our ‘managing worries’ section)
  • Use a stress ball
  • Have some calm time. You could go to somewhere you feel calm and safe for 5 minutes to calm down.
  • Do some exercise 
  • Talk to a grown up!