Feeling worried, frightened, stressed or anxious

Feeling worried, frightened, stressed or anxious

We all have worries (or anxiety), even the grown-ups around us!

Having worries is a normal part of life but sometimes they can get in the way of things if they become really big.  Because every child is different, their worries are different too.  Some children worry about the dark or things they see on the news.  Other children worry about things like school or going to new places.  All worries are completely normal.  We sometimes need adults around us to help us deal with our worries.

So why do we have worries?

That's a very good question! Worries are our body's way of protecting us when it thinks we are in danger.

This is called the 'Fight or Flight' response.


What do worries feel like in our body?

When we feel worried, we might feel some changes happening in our body.

Our breathing might speed up, our heart might beat faster or our face might go red.

Have a look at the worry clues at the bottom of the page.

Spot what it feels like in your body!  When we are in a situation where we feel worried, we often feel things happening in our body that don't feel very nice.  It can help to spot what it feels like in your body, so that you know when you are starting to feel worried.  To do this, we have to be a bit like a detective!   Worry clues!

Once we've spotted our body clues, we can try some fun relaxation activities to calm our body down. 

Learning to relax

We can all do things to help our bodies relax.  This helps us feel better.

Check out our Relaxation exercises

Why not ask your parent to sign up to our GLOW anxiety so you can meet some superheroes so you can have your own strategies to help manage anxiety (8-11 years olds)

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