When you are a carer it can be difficult to work or study.

Carers UK website provides information on direct payments. These can provide you with the money to hire services which provide support and care to help ensure you are able to take care of your own needs as well as the needs of the cared for person. This may give you the time you need to work or study. 

The Open University provides opportunities to fit study in alongside other commitments you may have in your life including your caring. See the e-booklet Studying while you care. There are a number of courses to choose from and each course carries a certain number of credits which can contribute towards a qualification in your chosen field. Openings and short courses can provide a brief introduction in a given subject from only six to eight hours of study a week. Each student is assigned a tutor who gives academic support and guidance. As well as providing support in study, the Open University can also give you advice and support about moving into a career in the field you are interested in. The Open University Careers Advisory Service offers professional careers advisors who can talk you through your best options.

If you are a young carer, see The Site website on the right.

If you are currently in work but struggling to balance your work responsibilities with your caring role then Working Families may be able to help. Working Families provide advocacy for parents and carers with regard to legal advice and benefits you can receive whilst still being employed. 

Working Families