Get Involved

Humans are social creatures. Even though we enjoy and often need quiet times alone, we also need to connect with other people to maintain good health. This is true even if you are a shy or quiet person.

There is plenty of evidence that being involved with people is good for your health - it reduces stress and brings a sense of well-being. Face to face contact and interactions with people whom you can see and touch are the best ways of connecting. But finding communities of folk with common interests online can also be a good start.

There are many tips for how to become and stay involved and connected with people (see resources section to the right).

Volunteering is a key way of engaging with people.  It can help us to feel valued and bring a sense of satisfaction that you are "giving something back".  This in turn has a positive impact on mental health and well-being. 

Likewise, taking part in activities in your local community is a very good way of being involved.  Look for activitites and options on local authority websites or in community centres or libraries.

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