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Stress is very common. We all feel stressed at times. However, it can become a problem when we start to feel stressed for no real reason or when we just can’t seem to get rid of it. Below are some of the common signs of stress. Do you identify with this? If so, help is at hand. You can learn ways of managing stress to help you to control it rather than it controlling you.

What can I do about it?

There are many websites (see opposite) which provide information on stress and how to tackle it. There are also links to some leaflets and self-help guides which you may find helpful.

If you live in Fife -  you can book yourself directly on to one of our free classes held in many locations in Fife. To book yourself on a course go to our sister website www.accesstherapiesfife.scot.nhs.uk and click on "How can we help you" which will give you a list groups.

Common signs of stress

Unable to Switch Off

  • “My mind seems to race with thoughts all the time”
  • “I’m always worrying. I try to turn the worries off, but it doesn’t work”

Poor Concentration 

  • “I struggle to concentrate on one task at a time” 
  • “I find myself not concentrating on what my friend is saying to me and then I can’t remember what time they said to meet”

Panic Attacks

  • “I sometimes get weird feelings in my body and I worry there is something really wrong with me”
  • “They seem to come out of the blue and I feel really out of breath”

Poor Sleep

  • “As soon as my head hits the pillow my mind starts going and I just can’t get to sleep”
  • “I get to sleep ok but then I’ll wake up lots during the night”

Anger and Irritability

  • “I'm always in a bad mood these days”
  • “I snap at the kids all the time, even when they haven’t done anything wrong”


  • “I felt my colleague was being critical of my work and I found myself welling up. It wouldn’t have bothered me a few months ago”
  • “ I’m crying much more than I used to”


  • “My husband was late from work last night. I found myself thinking about all the bad things that could have happened to him. By the time he got home safe and sound I was a wreck”
  • “I find myself worrying about the future a lot - what if I lose my job, what if we can’t pay the mortgage, what if I my wife leaves me”


  • “I put things off until I feel a bit less stressed. I never seem to feel less stressed though”
  • “I don’t like busy places, so I tend to avoid going to parties with friends or to the supermarket when it is busy. It really affects my life”

Feeling worthless/hopeless

  • “I will always feel stressed, nothing I do works”
  • “I’m not very good to be around at the moment”

NHS Choices offer a range of Mental Health Apps.

Self-help documents