What happens when I ask for support?

Telling someone how you have been feeling can be hard, and many people feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Your GP is the first person to speak to if you need a referral to mental health services.


There are a number of people you may meet when you ask for support. These may include:





Healthcare professionals will ask you questions about yourself and how you have been feeling. This is so that they can work out the best way to support you.

They could ask about:

• The difficulties you are having, how long upsetting episodes last and how often they occur
• Your day to day activities
• How you are managing with school, college, university or work
• What your relationships with your family, friends and partner are like
• Whether  you smoke, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs 
• Any past or ongoing problems you have had with your mental health
• Your personal history, including any traumatic events you may have experienced



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