When somebody experiences psychosis there is a breakdown in their understanding of reality as most people experience it. This can take many forms.

The types of experiences people with psychosis have are at one end of a broad spectrum which overlaps with those of the general population. Some people think of this as ‘openness to experience’.



Hearing Voices

Many people hear the voice of a person who is not physically present. This can be as vivid as if the person were in the room. It can happen to anyone.

Some common things can trigger hearing voices such as:



Hearing voices does not necessarily mean that you have a mental health problem.


Voices are only a problem if they are upsetting and harming your quality of life, or if they put others at risk.




Speak to your GP if the voices upset you or you are not feeling like yourself. It could be a sign that you may have more symptoms of psychosis in the future





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