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Coping with memory problems

Memory problems may be temporary or permanent. 

If your memory problems are due to e.g. stress, anxiety or depression, then they are likely to be temporary.  Most people find that they improve as they work on overcoming or managing their stress, anxiety or depression.  However, there are things that can help in the meantime - such as writing lists, using an appointment diary, not getting cross with yourself if you can't recall something immediately. All of the advice for managing stress, anxiety and depression will be of benefit (see Related Sections).

If your memory problems are due to some permanent changes then learning ways to cope can make life easier.

Making life easier

Many kinds of aids and adaptations can be used. This is not 'cheating'. It is important to make use of anything that will help, including the following:

  • Using memory aids
  • Adapting your surroundings
  • Following a set routine
  • Improving your general well-being

More information about coping with memory problems is given in the self help guide on the right 


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