Fife Community Learning Disability Team

Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT)

What is meant by Learning Disability?

A learning disability is a significant, lifelong condition which has three facets:

  • reduced ability to understand new or complex information or to learn new skills
  • reduced ability to cope independently
  • a condition which started before adulthood (before the age of 18) with a lasting effect on the individuals development

What do the CLDTs do?

The Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT) provide specialist high quality health care services for people with a learning disability that enables and supports the individual to participate in the activites of everyday life.

For the majority of people with a learning disability living in the the community, most of their health meeds are met by their GP or primary health care team.  Additional "specialist" health needs may be met by the CLDT.

The key objectives of the Community Learning Disability Team are to:

  • support GPs and primary health care teams to identify and meet the health needs of people with a learning disability
  • work with Health and social Care partnership Services to provide co-ordinated services
  • facilitate access to primary and secondary health care services
  • encourage and facilitate a positive healthy lifestyle
  • provide education and advice to clients, their families, carers and other professionals

Referring to the CLDTs

  • The CLDT operates an open referral system,  accepting referrals from GPs, relatives, social workers as well as from individuals themselves
  • The CLDT will only accept referrals where it is clear that the person has a learning disability or where a more specialist assessment is necessary,  the CLDT does not offer servcies to people with more specific learning difficulties or developmental disorder such as Attenintion Deficit Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, Dyslexia or Tourette's Syndrome, although sometimes poeple with a learning disability also have these conditions
  • The CLDT operates a single point of access.  If you would like to make a referral, information can be found on the following page:

 Contact details for single point of access referrals:

Tel: 01383 565230
Fax: 01383 565489
Post: Referal Coordinator
Community Learning Disabilities Team
Lynebank Hospital
Halbeath Road
KY11 4UW

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