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Groups and Services in Fife

Talk Matters: Talk Matters, Fife offers confidential face to face counselling services for individuals over the age of 18 years of age in weekly sessions of 50 minutes. There are no restrictions to access the service however clients must be over 18 and there is a limit of 12 weeks of contact.  The service will take clients from anywhere in Fife. Only one to one services offered. The service is based in Dunfermline Town Centre.
Tel: 01383 626064
Email: info@talkmatters.org
Website: Talk Matters


Working Health Services Scotland: Offer free counselling to employees working for small companies (less than 250 employees) who have no occupational health service. They are a free, confidential NHS Service for people who are off work or struggling to remain at work due to health issues. Organising counselling is one aspect of their service.
Tel: 0800 019 2211
Web: Working Health Services Scotland

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