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National Helplines

Circles Network: Circles Network is a UK wide voluntary organisation with expertise in the development of Circles of Support, Independent and Collective Advocacy, Person Centred Planning and Inclusion into the mainstream of life.

Tel:  01592 644217
Website: Circles Network
Email: info@circlesnetwork.org.uk


Groups and Services in Fife

Fife Circles: Covers three areas of Independent Advocacy: Professional, Collective and Citizen Advocacy for people across Fife. Funded by Fife Council and Fife NHS.

Tel: 01592 645360
Website: Circles Network Fife
Email: info.fife@circlesnetwork.org.uk


Include Me recruits, prepares and supports responsible local people to become Citizen Advocates in North East Fife for vulnerable adults who may have a physical or learning disability, chronic illness or mental health problem.

Citizen Advocates become a spokesperson and friend who may support their partner:

  • By safeguarding their partner’s human rights and dignity
  • By spending time together, sharing activities both enjoy
  • By ensuring others treat their partner with respect and by considering their opinions
  • By helping them to become more connected with their local community.

Citizen Advocates usually provide support on a longer term basis.

Tel: 01334 656242
Website: Include Me
Email: contact@includeme.org.uk 

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