In Crisis! is a page where you can find emergency contact information for any immediate concerns


Feeling suicidal? 

Concerned about someone?

Worried about a child or young person being harmed?


The following websites and phone numbers can help:


116 123 

Breathing Space

0800 83 85 87

Lines open 24hrs at weekends (Fri-Mon: 6pm-6am) and 6pm to 2am at other times (Mon-Thurs). 

Choose Life

NHS 24 



0800 1111 or by email or online chat via their website.


If you are worried a child or young person is being harmed, contact the Family Protection Unit or The Child Protection Team.



Do you currently feel panicky or very distressed?

If so it can help to try some of these simple exercises.


Focus on the here and now.  

Look around the room and take in your surroundings, notice the details.

Focus on each of your senses in turn, what can you see, smell, hear, taste and feel?

Stand up and feel your feet firmly on the ground. 


Calming Self Talk, repeat these statements to yourself:

These feelings will pass. 

I can deal with this. 

I have survived before and I can get through this. 


Try our Breathing Exercises


Talk it out

It can help to share how you are feeling, is there someone you can talk to? If you would prefer to speak to a trained listener then you can phone The Samaritans, Breathing Space, Choose Life or NHS 24 at the numbers listed above. 



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